On Writing: dissertation struggles

I’ve been working on my dissertation (by ‘working’ I mean thinking a lot and writing very little), and my brain is aching! I need to write something – anything – before my mind explodes.

Ramadan coincided with the start of the summer holidays. It’s super hard to switch your brain on during these long summer days, especially when your body clock has turned upside down and you’re normally most productive in the mornings after a good cuppa. The month was made worse by the fact that my chest infection from May came back with a vengeance. I was able to take an early summer break from work so although I wasn’t doing anything productive, at the very least I was able to recuperate – I am so thankful for that!

The dissertation topic is so close to my heart, it’s something I have wanted to write about for years and my ‘research’ began long before I even considered going back to uni. That makes me super calm like “Oh I know this like the back of my hand” but in reality I don’t and need to get a grip. I did really well on my last couple of assignments (I got firsts!) and my brain is still stuck in those pieces of work so again, I need to get a hold of myself.

The word count is 15,000 words. That’s not so daunting because I did a 10,000 word project for my BA degree, but what is daunting are the pages and pages of writing I have accumulated, all in need of editing, omitting, and that much-needed magic that eventually takes place.

My plan of action is to split the huge word count into smaller chunks of mini documents so editing becomes easier, put the world of the previous assignments behind me, and just plough on. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “On Writing: dissertation struggles”

  1. Ah, how much I hate this feeling. Really hope you manage to get through it! Perhaps you can split it into different sections and work in the mornings, even if it means further ruining your sleep cycle. As I’ve come to learn, circadian rhythms only get worse before they get better. Good luck!!


    1. That’s what I’m trying – I feel like my whole sleep routine is taking longer to sort it self out since Ramadan ended. I made some progress today so in sha Allah, just keep me in your duas sis 🙂 x


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