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Jummah at Aspire Mosque

If you’ve been wondering why the Jummah updates have vanished it’s because of a little blue gem called Aspire mosque.

For the last three Fridays, this is the place we have prayed Jummah at. The mosque is small in comparison to Grand Mosque and Education City, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in warmth.

It is one of the few mosques that delivers the khutbah in English so that’s been the deciding factor in returning each week. Our first Jummah there was the first week back at school and the khutbah (delivered by Dr Bilal Philips) was a topic close to my heart: the value of education. Or rather the disvalue of Islamic education in the modern world.

My journey in education was rocky since day one. And while I’m passionate and a keen believer of life-long learning, there have been many times back home things didn’t sit right with me – the system makes it so. I know it because many others experience it too. It’s the reason almost half of new teachers quit within their first year.

Coming to Qatar feels like it was meant to be, time and time again. The school I work at is such a blessing. In the shortest space of time it has taught me so much; it has revived my waning passion. Since being here, I have seen the possibilities of a different kind of education system and Dr Bilal’s khutbah just seemed to cement the message further. I’m so thankful to Allah swt for this experience as I know it is just the beginning of something great!

Anyway, Aspire is situated across the road from Villagio Mall which means that when Hubby turns into the ‘You’re-not-you-when-you’re-hungry’ diva, we can resolve it. We can get our weekly shopping done before the evening traffic jams commence, which is always a plus!

Maybe next time we will visit a different mosque, maybe…


Photo credit: Alexey Sergeev


See pictures and read about Education City Mosque by clicking here.

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