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Passing with DISTINCTION!



For a spouse like mine.

You took every Thursday off to drive me down to uni.

Even when it was your only day off in the whole week and even when you weren’t feeling well yourself, you would accompany me on the journey and refuse to let me drive.

Your selflessness meant that after a day of teaching, I didn’t have to tire myself out on the journey. I was able to eat, rest, sleep, or prepare for the seminar. And you did this for the whole year. You were there just as much as I myself was during my struggles, my highs, and lows.

Those hours we spent travelling together are some of the funniest and most memorable times of our marriage. You inspired me to work harder and to believe in myself. You made me want to be better.

When it came to deadlines, you would make sure I had everything I needed. I appreciate those late-night food missions and the spontaneous, weekend getaways. Whenever I fell ill (which was every month it seemed), you took care of me. Tirelessly.

I’m so thankful for you and your confidence in me. Even when I am wracked with self-doubt you believe in me.

You remind me constantly of how right I was to fight for you.

For a child like mine.

You were one of the best gifts Allah bestowed on me, and till this day the biggest sacrifice I’ve paid.

A whole year later and you are beginning to make sense. I understand now your arrival and your departure were equally special blessings from Him.

For family like mine.

There were days and sometimes whole weeks when I felt like I was going crazy, like my back was breaking under the burden of work, like it was better to give up.

The generosity and prayers of my Bari Ama, never-ending support from my sisters, and love and laughter of my nieces were the forces that kept me and still keep me going.

Your favours on me are innumerable.

For a brother in law like mine.

VD, you’re the best! Thank you for those late-night pizzas and the impromptu workshops. Thank you for always cheering me up and making me laugh.

You proved to be an excellent editor with your ‘guy perspective’ on matters. I think you’ve finally earned the right to have a character named after you, hehe.

For Sheffield.

The city that stole my heart; the city that taught me to dream…

19 thoughts on “Passing with DISTINCTION!”

    1. Haha thank you- I’m glad it was heartwarming. I told hubby it’s the first & last time I’m going to be soppy and not sarcastic when writing about him, so he may as well enjoy it. 😂😂


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