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Back to work

It’s been exactly 12 days since we returned to Qatar and things are going great, ma sha’ Allah, ma sha’ Allah!

I’ve been back at work this week and you’d best believe I’m currently like the minion on the left with my perfectly coordinated outfits, hair done, and matching snazzy earrings. Even though I know this won’t last till the end of next week let alone October, I’m making the most out of it while I can. Let the countdown to the last day begin! It’s only 10 months away…

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Last year, I recall writing about a very laid-back start to the year as we arrived in August to settle in properly before school began. Although it didn’t seem like it at the time, we were extremely jet-lagged and it took us a long time to feel like we’d caught up with everything in Qatar. I remember feeling sleepy every hour of the day, struggling to find the perfect temperature on the air con, and being frustrated that I hadn’t bought more ‘stuff’ from the UK even though that was impossible because I had no idea what I would’ve needed in the first place.

The start to this year has been different, we arrived 1.5. days before school was due to open yet we didn’t feel jet-lagged at all. After spending Eid with family back home (and a painful seven weeks suffering in the cold), I felt refreshed and ready to return to work- alhamdullilah, my wisdom tooth extraction had almost completely healed too! And, after changing schools so often in the UK (I worked in supply for a while), I’d forgotten how calming it is to return to the same school in September, knowing where everything is and how everything works.

It’s been so heartwarming to see familiar faces again (both students and friends/colleagues), and moreover, I feel much more equipped this year having done all of my shopping in the UK, hell I even have a teacher’s planner this year. The quote of the month in our staff room is, as one of my friends pointed out: ‘I got it from England.’

So that’s all for now, a short post for today because I’ve been thinking lately how I’ve sucked the enjoyment out of blogging because I put so much pressure on myself to write lengthy posts or produce something of good quality. You may be bombarded with utter tripe from hereon but at least it’ll come in regular instalments, eh?

4 thoughts on “Back to work”

  1. There is something strangely comforting in returning to the familiar while still savouring holiday memories and having goodies that no one else will have. I relate too well with the less is more when getting posts out. 🦄. Linda

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