31 Day Challenge October

Day 4: ‘Candy Wrapper’, kind of.

Forget multi-tasking, I can’t even do two things at once these days. I tried putting my seat belt on and instead, swallowed the chewing gum I’d only just popped into my mouth. So much for trying to avoid car sickness. For the rest of the journey, I could feel the ball of gum lodged in my chest and thought: what a waste, but hey I can write about this as it kind of links to day 4’s prompt. This is just it when your passion is writing, nothing and no-one is safe; everything is material and when you have a rubbish prompt like ‘candy wrapper’, you write about gum instead.

Who else, as a child, used to believe that if you swallowed gum it’d just get stuck in your belly button? The discomfort in my gullet was making me panic so I did what all of us what do at that moment – I turned to Dr Google. In the process, I learnt something about modern technology and things we use it for…


It turns out gum doesn’t remain in your digestive system for long, I can’t speak on any of the other items listed above because thankfully I’m not that brain dead (yet). Let’s just end this atrocious post here and pray this is the only weird prompt of the month.

As a side note, I am so inspired by all the amazing ladies doing this challenge with me (you are sooooo talented ma sha Allah, ma sha Allah). I’m curious to see your responses for today’s prompt and pray you fared better than me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Day 4: ‘Candy Wrapper’, kind of.”

  1. I used to open quality street chocolates and look through the coloured wrapper to see the world in a whole different dimension… yellow, green, red and blue. Instead of the grey and black that it can sometimes be seen as..

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  2. Haha no way, we need posts like these! Your post gave me a good laugh. (Even though it would’ve been more relatable if a wrapper had been swallowed lol)
    But anyways. Keep up the awesome content! xx

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  3. We used to get told it stays in your system for 7 years. Which is actually such an evil lie to spread even as a deterrent. Who am I kidding I would probably tell my kid the same to stop them swallowing gum 🤔

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