31 Day Challenge October

Day 5: Lessons learnt from ‘Time’


I’ve been waiting an age. I need you desperately.

Each time a tribulation stands before me, I’m reminded of how incapable my girl shoulders are. My mind wanders to you – no matter how many times I admonish it – wishing you were here to show me the right way and hold me up.

In my dreams, my heart aches. Cheeks wet with warm tears wake me in the middle of the night. Sleep evades me.

When you call round I long to hear you ask about me. You ask about all of them but my name never touches your lips. Perhaps it doesn’t even touch your heart…

Can you make some time for me? Can we talk? How can I make you understand how empty my life is without you?

“I have no time.”
“I’m far too busy,” you add.

So I pray for you instead: May Allah put barakah in your time.

May He bring a day when you’ll think of me the way I think of you, and you’ll want to give me a portion of your time. Or, you’ll ask for a portion of mine.

May He bring the words to my lips:

“I have no time. I’m just far too busy.”

“I have no time. How can I make you understand? My life is full and flourishing without you.”

“I’m just far too busy. I’ve learnt now, He won’t burden my woman shoulders with anything they can not bear.”

Picture reads: Those who abandoned me in my hardest times, no doubt there’ll come a time when meeting me will feel like a necessity.

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