31 Day Challenge October

Day 10: Amidst smoke and ‘Fire’

For countless hours I rage
My embers of venom ignite terror in the hearts of men

Stand and marvel at the sight I am, the destruction I cause.
Feel my fiery passion on the surface of your skin, like the suffocation of the grave

embrace me

My brilliance astounds you. I know no hesitation nor pause.

When there is none left in my path, I turn inwards and shoot higher faster slicing through the seven skies
I am illumination.

Then he comes to me…


Then he is hurled at me.

Him, with his soft lips – firm of word.
Khalil Allah

And so I stand, sway,
placid now, meek next

Like a melted ice cube, telling the tales of its adventures on a memorable summer’s day…

Like a small portion of a garden, I am a haven and yet, in heaven myself…


[Khalil Allah = Friend of Allah, the title given to Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham]
Image credit: Joachim Vaturi
NOTE: This entry is inspired by the story of the Prophet Ibrahim, told from the perspective of the fire he was thrown into it by the idol-worshippers.

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