31 Day Challenge October

Day 20: An unsaid ‘wish’ answered

How romantic! The perfect love story…

I thought,
Reading those enthralling tales of lovers long forgotten
Forgetting God is nearer than the jugular vein & the unsaid prayer on my tongue’s tip
Was granted by the Giver who hears all

Let me clarify, there is nothing romantic
in these prolonged years of separation
This grief – I am positive – will be the end of me
Yet I know this undoing of mine
Is of my own accord
I see my naivety in begging for a soul that was completely mine when
Even I myself, was not fully mine

You my love
It has always been You
And me.
Amidst the babbling brooks of Punjab
The mud pot broke our reflections on the riverbanks of Chenab.
Shahzada Izzat Begg
Recall how you, bewitched by the beauty of the claymaker’s doll
Turned from royal Prince to wanderer
Yes, a wanderer, a traveller because even before this you were there too
I know you were there
Traversing across the scorching dunes of Arabia lamenting ‘Laila Laila, in your love I have become Majnun.

It has always been You
And me.
Recall the groves of Syaal intoxicated by your flute’s sad tune
The palace-prison held captive your Heer who ached to see – just once
That unmistakably figure of the shepherd on the horizon
Bringing good news from Thakt-e-Hazara

O my sweetheart, do you see now?
I see
It has always been You
And me.
I swear when Zulaykha dreamt a dream of
Light and light fusing together to reach out to the Heavens
I dreamt it too, my Yusuf, I felt it too!

So why should I lament that which is already mine
When one day we will look back at this too, enlightened and say

How romantic! Our perfect love story!

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