31 Day Challenge October

Day 31: Ghosts

At night, a parliament of ghosts recline on her chest

the ghost of Failures from the Distant Past

the ghost of Every Deflated Hope

the absent seat where the ghost of Snatched Innocence used to sit but these days it is occupied with a sign: ‘Too wise for this bullsh*t, see ya when I see ya.’

the ghost of Betrayals from Blood

the ghost of Shame and Regret

the ghost of Lingering Broken Promises

and every night, parliament begins a new debate. It goes on and on like an audio cassette spinning round and round. Continues long past the final lamp is switched off, long past the night workers’ shifts have ended, long past the time it should last…

But when morning comes, it is her turn to scream BOO at the ghosts, to brush away their litter, and to listen to the one that keeps her sane…

the ghost of a Broken but Never Defeated Smile.

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