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Two Year Blogiversary

Read my One Year Blogiversary here.


I was going to begin by asking whether or not anyone is still reading this blog but that’d be a redundant question seeing as many of my students are stalking following my blog. HI GUYS!!!


It’s my two year blogiversary!

I’ve hit 15,884 views this year (quadrupled from the 3.4k I amassed last year) and my readers hail from 119 countries! Alhamdullilah.

So, what else is new?

Those of you who followed me since the start will have noticed I’ve reverted back to my old website layout. I really loved the new swanky site but all the effort put into creating aesthetically pleasing blogs (choosing a half-decent image for each post, making sure it looked ‘pretty’, etc.) was to no avail because the theme kept on stretching and distorting the images. At least I tried something new though, eh?

Last December, I promised to dedicate more time producing content and updating the blog. Well, this is how that went down.

January to March.

The first thing that comes to mind from the start of this year is the extreme cold weather when I visited home which later inspired my most-read personal essay: Homeless daughters of a hybrid diaspora. Soon after, it was featured as editor’s pick on Discover. I was also nominated for the Sunshine blogger award, I still don’t know how blogger awards work but yay me. Excuse me for a second while I go and read my responses to the tag because it’s not like I have anything else to do…


April to August

This middle part of the year was my I-can’t-write-anything-because-brain-farts-galore so I have grouped these months together.

Each post between April and August was really random and in most of them, I lamented how little I was writing and kept making excuses about not having enough time, energy, or inspiration to write. Ah, if only I knew then what I know now. To keep my brain from rusting, I did a little follow up on moving to Qatar and a couple of posts about our first Ramadan in Qatar. My favourites, however, were these two poems: Spineless and I see Kashmir burning. That and the fact that I managed to persuade many of my friends to begin blogging was the highlight of this period.


September to December

The past few months have been a real turning point thanks to the daily writing challenge I undertook in October. Yes, it was really not the best time to commit to producing content on a daily basis but it worked like magic.

Previously, I would draft a post, let the skeletal post wither away in my draft folder for weeks on end and revisit it at leisure on the weekends to make it ‘perfect’. But now I’m not afraid to post at 6am or complete a draft whilst travelling or whilst taking a break in between lessons, nor do I think twice before clicking publish in bed in the middle of the night, and nothing sits in my draft folder for longer than a day. Second, and this follows on from the first, I’ve realised inspiration is everywhere. I know now that I do not need to wait for my irritable, forever-AWOL muse to arrive. I do not feel guilty if I haven’t updated for a while and I certainly don’t need to make excuses for not writing.

Ironically, the faster they grow the less my stats matter. I have fallen in love with writing, all over again. So before I get all mushy, thanks for following me on this long and bumpy journey. In sha Allah the coming year will be bigger, better and full of more blogging…


8 thoughts on “Two Year Blogiversary”

  1. Aww, congrats to your blogiversary! I loved how you really analysed your whole year… I think maybe that just helps you grow as a writer? Well, anyways: here’s to more years of writing! I hope you never stop!

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