Being Mrs. Kubra

Life of a teacher: a play of one scene

11.30 p.m.

Teacher: I’ve finally finished marking. I’m going to bed okay?
Spouse: Okay love you.
Teacher: Love you too.

1.30 a.m.

Teacher: Your homework is there.
Spouse: (from behind the closed door) Hey are you awake?
Teacher: Yes…I’m finishing my work. I’m finishing this.
Spouse: Didn’t you finish your work ages ago?
Teacher: No I am finishing it now, the end of it. The end of this homework. Oh, just go away!
Spouse: (opens the door. Pitch black, she’s clearly asleep) You’re asleep.
Teacher: No I’m not. Can’t you see? I’m setting up this homework.
Spouse: Okay crazy…
Teacher: I know, he’s so silly! What am I going to do with him, eh?

5.00 a.m.

Teacher: (wakes up.) Ugh. Why am I always so tired?

4 thoughts on “Life of a teacher: a play of one scene”

  1. aww it sounds like teachers get a lot of work. what grade do you teach, tho? also, more snippets from a teacher’s life, pls? (asking for a friend who is thinking about career paths)(spoiler: the friend is me)

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    1. I teach high school and 6th form so that’s age 11 to 18, and I teach English Language & Literature hence all the marking (even in my sleep!). Thank you for the comment 💛 I will definitely write more snippets from a teacher’s perspective. Do you have any specific questions or topics? What subject/grade are you thinking of specialising in? 😊

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      1. I’m curious about hat life is like for teachers, I haven’t yet decided t become one tho I think if I have to it’d be English. Or Economics. I have questions-so many. How does your day start, how busy are you, what ar the requirements, what kind of lifestyle (luxurious, not-so-much, so busy i can’t even think about luxury) does a teacher have, how to teach/tutor (that’s something I wanna do this summer!), what a job interview looks like for a teacher, esp an inexperienced on… and the list just goes on haha

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      2. Hahaha. I’ll try to answer some of those in more detail soon but my advice for now would be try to get some work experience in a school. Volunteer or ask your old school if you can come in for a week to observe classes because that’ll give you a good indication of what age group you would like to work with. It’ll also help see school from the perspective on an adult/teacher rather than as a student. Tutoring is a little different to teaching – I personally prefer teaching a whole class rather than tutoring one to one but that’s just me.

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