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What’s In My Bag Tag – teacher edition

My Year 10s and I had a running joke this year where they’d ask me for the strangest things (marshmallows, Kit Kats, an array of toiletries from Bath and Body works) and the Mary Poppins in me would begin pulling random objects out of my desk drawers or handbag. So, I thought it’d be fun to create a What’s In My Bag Tag with a teacher’s twist.

I have a KitKat in here somewhere…I swear!

Now you should know that as a teacher of English there are primarily two things that keep me going: the chocolate and coffee stash in my aforementioned drawers, and freakishly strong arms to carry all ‘dem books and bags. Yes you read correctly, bags is plural (laptop bag, book bag, lunch bag, a whole other bag for heels or clothes) but we’ll be here all day so I’ll just stick to my ‘real’ handbag.

Let’s get started, shall we?


In no particular order, here are the things I carry around with me:

  1. Hand sanitizer, or as the boys call it ‘hand extinguisher’. The bottle is close to empty but I have yet to use it. Between my husband and the boys, I don’t know who loves this teeny-tiny pink, girly product more.
  2. Hand lotion. I think you know where I’m going with this, right? For the boys and their self-titled ‘ashy’ hands.
  3. Perfume because, and I quote: “You’re like my mum Miss, you say it smells in here even when it doesn’t.” I usually carry around a few different bottles because I can’t cope when my air freshener finishes or gets stolen, so perfume is the second port of call. My current fave scent was a gift from hubsy: Calvin Klein Women.
  4. Teacher’s planner. Contradicting No.3 but as my husband recently revealed to his brother, “The best present you can buy this one is a little stationary set or a planner. She’s a simple kinda girl.” How romantic!
  5. Glue stick. For all those countless hours spent glueing in everyone’s loose worksheets. I absolutely hate lost worksheets and being asked to photocopy more – think of the trees! Plus, you never know when you might need to glue a chatterbox’s lips together.
  6. Pens and highlighters. For marking on the go.
  7. Gum. Need I explain?
  8. ID card and keys to the chocolate stash which really ought to be a storage space for examination papers.
  9. A separate bag inside a bag (because 5 bags are not enough, hello) and this contains:
  10. Plasters, and painkillers. For the days when chocolate and coffee don’t work. Also, teacher tip – the plasters are genius in effectively cutting down about 50% of unnecessary trips to the school nurse.
    Safety pins/hijab pins and
    Makeup. By 1.30pm I look like I’ve been dragged backwards through a muddy lake, like one of those You’ve Been Framed videos, and it’s quite normal in this part of the world for parents to drop by for quick appointments so it’s always good to have some essentials on hand.

I’d love to know what the rest of my teacher and non-teacher readers carry in their bags. Do you lug your whole kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. around like me, or are you a minimalist?


11 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag Tag – teacher edition”

  1. My absolute must is my mini taharat bottle. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t want a purse. I wish the pockets in women’s pants were larger. I do need some sort of bag for my wallet, keys, and phone. But the taharat bottle dictates the size of my bag. It is essential as is my Vaseline chapstick

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    1. Luckily, for me, that’s one perk of living in a Muslim country lol. I know right what is it with the pockets in women’s pants – were they designed for Thumbelina or something? So frustrating! I get super excited when dresses or skirts have pockets as they tend to be larger than trouser pockets but then they’re impractical in cold countries. xx

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  2. Back when the days when I just leave the house with a small bag which carries only my Iphone, IDs, Bank Cards, lip tint. NOW, I carry with me 3 bags every time I am going to work. One is for my pumping paraphernalia (breastfeeding mum), 2nd bag is my lunch bag (coz I bring a lot of food at work) and the last is my office bag which consists of random things I like to bring with 3 pouch bag inside. Hahaha!

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  3. What an amusing what’s-in-my-bag! For me, ideally, just my phone and water bottle would suffice, but I end up carrying a whole lot of other things that I convince myself will turn out to be useful 😅

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  4. When I cleared out my bag for the end of term, I found a tattered Mars bar and a squashed homemade banana muffin that I forgot to eat. 4 weeks ago, after a very lively and challenging lesson, two of my year 7 pupils chucked a load of sweet treats at me because I looked like I ‘needed it’ !!

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    1. Hahaha! Bless them for noticing, end of term always feels like the end of time on earth. I’m just ready to drop dead lol. Yeah I didn’t include all the bits of rubbish I carry around with me like post it notes and also forgot to mention all the pen marks on the inside of my ruined handbags thanks to pens with no lids😣 ughhhhh!

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