Gratitude corner


The taste of solitude, sweeter than a kiss

now that you’re done shoving your misogyny down my throat

maybe I can tell you about all the things I don’t miss

no memories linger here in this broken house of beaten dreams

in an eternal winter, I’ve found bliss

let your springs and summers call after me, I won’t be found

the heart has grieved since the first – now no more – separation

shukr Alhamdulillah –

‘things are revealed by their opposites’ (Rumi, Dar al Masnavi)

9 thoughts on “Shukr”

    1. Oo I will check out both of those ^. I’m teaching the Edexcel poetry anthology (after yeaaaars of only teaching Language), and I have an awesome Y11 class. I guess reading and discussing poems just made me want to write again. I’ve been facing a creative lull recently 😔. Hope you’re good xx


    1. I’m sooo good Alhamdulillah. A little slow in getting any writing done but good nonetheless🙈. So I hadn’t written a gratitude post all summer and I felt like I should, I guess these are the things I’m thankful for – the kind of gratitude that comes from opposites. Like how light seems so much brighter when contrasted against darkness.

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