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Liebster Award Nomination!

So this happened earlier this week. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow Kashmiri Salman Wani. First off, thank you for the nomination and the questions you sent me to answer in acceptance of the award.


I’ll begin by answering Salman’s 11 questions which, I have to admit, are waaaaay too philosophical for me on a Saturday morning.

1. What does real happiness mean to you?

Real happiness can only exist in our hearts yet we’re continuously searching elsewhere.

2. Comment on “Life, a journey.”

We never know when we’ll reach our last destination, so live and let live.

3. How important is respect for the foundation of relationships?

Don’t even get me started. I’m so exasperated by people – specifically elders in our communities – who demand respect yet give none. No-one tells them you can’t go around hurting others, whether your equals or younger, and then expect to be respected in return just because your sorry ass has been on this planet for longer. The worst thing about it is when others justify this toxic behaviour by telling you ‘You know how she/he is, he/she won’t change.’ Too right they won’t change because the rest of us are too busy pampering them. Okay, rant over. Respect is the main foundation of any relationship but using age or status to manipulate respect is not on.

4. What parents mean in your life?

Over time I’ve realised Allah means more to me. But my parents have contributed a lot to the person I am today – just not in the conventional sense.

5. How do you balance criticism and appreciation?

I like to think neither affect me. I’m my own critic and have also learnt over time to appreciate my own strengths so an outsider’s opinion won’t throw me off balance. Obviously, I wasn’t always so grounded. It came with age as well as a million lectures from my husband 🙂

6. What is your favourite book?

Hard to pick one (I’m a Literature graduate!) but I tried to narrow it down to 7 in this post. 

7. What are your ultimate aims in life?

To make a difference in someone’s life, which is the reason I became a teacher.

8. Write one thought of yours:

Any random thought? Ok. Well, I’m kinda sick of Bollywood exploiting my name in movies. Like, can you not think of ANY name OTHER than Zoya? And what’s worse is when the actors pronounce it ‘Joya,’ *kill me now*.

9. What message you want to give to people out there?


10. How you see death?

An inevitable part of life.

11. What is responsibility?

A trust given to you by someone – fulfil it to the best of your ability knowing you’ll be accountable one day.


And now, as if that wasn’t enough, 11 random facts about me. I’ll begin with the one I’ve stuck outside my classroom to help new students get to know me:

  • Up until the age of 8, I believed I was adopted because my cousins convinced me they’d been rescued from a bin in town centre.
  • I’m the only daughter
  • I’m 5 foot 7”
  • I’ve lived in Qatar for 3 years
  • I resisted it for a long time, but I’ve fully turned into the teacher who drinks umpteen cups of coffee by 11am
  • I prefer summertime to winter
  • If I hadn’t pursued teaching, I would have worked in media
  • But, if I win the lottery, I’ll open my own school and hire all the awesome teacher-friends I’ve met over the years to come and work with me. We’d smash it.
  • I love dancing
  • I don’t respond too well to lots of changes at once, which is probably why I should stop moving house every year.
  • I love smiling!

I nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster award (sorry if you’ve already been nominated before), and here are my 11 questions for you:

  1. One skill you wish you could learn/master?
  2. Favourite book?
  3. The most unusual item you own…?
  4. What is your ultimate aim in life?
  5. Favourite TV show right now and why?
  6. How accurate is your Zodiac sign in describing you?
  7. In a parallel universe, at this moment, you would be doing what?
  8. Share a quote or inspirational saying that changed your life in some way.
  9. One city/country you have always dreamt of visiting…
  10. What made you start your own blog?
  11. One thing that really, really winds you up…?


20 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination!”

  1. Congratulations on the leibster award! And more importantly, thank you for nominating me! It felt so good lol.
    Also your comment on respect in relationships spoke volumes to me😔 but… Well, what can we do, really.
    Also I’m 5’7″ too! Lol I’m sorry I know it’s random but I had to tell you😅❤️

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  2. LOL at Bollywood using Zoya all the time. I think the last Bollywood movie I saw was Secret Superstar. I think that was the girl’s name, right? Are the other characters even Muslim though? Ah, I wish I had your height! You could be a (hijabi) model! Haha. Just yesterday I was fake complaining to Mr. Rafia how much it sucks to be a shorty pants. I’ve always equated tallness with success. Do tall people look down upon short people (and not just literally)? My suspicion is that though they will never openly admit it, deep down inside they’ll only ever think of us as “cute.” Well, at least when I’m a buddee, I’ll be like Sophia and not Dorothy. Short old people are cuter than tall old people, just sayin’. In all seriousness though, thanks for nominating me! Even though I don’t know enough bloggers (that are still internet alive) to nominate anyone, I will go ahead and answer your questions! I haven’t blogged this month.

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    1. Secret Superstar? Oh no, that’s a new one because I’ve never heard of it before. There’s so many I’ve lost count! Pakistani movies are just as bad – we watched Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 1 and one girl was called Zoya the other was called Kubra. Then her hubby was like ‘My wife is not Kubra, she’s a cobra.’ Meanwhile my husband was laughing his head off! Hahaha I love your outlook on being tall/short. You’re right about the ageing thing, my mum used to say tall people don’t age very well – something I’m starting to feel already at 30 haha -so I guess there’s pros and cons in both. Yes please do answer the questions I’m looking forward to reading your responses😊 I know I’ll enjoy it, as always xx


      1. Actually, I searched on Le Googlez before responding, all the girl from that movie is not named Zoya. So, that’s good! Haha, at that cobra line. That is so Desi Dad! But it’s also very funny. I happen to like Dad jokes. I keep looking at my expired passport photo and my new one. Why skin was so smooth and glowing. WHY CAN’T I AGE LIKE AUDREY HEBPURN?! It’s not fair!! Haha.

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      2. Hahaha it is funny until you hear it for the 100th time and in front of relatives so you just wanna murder your spouse😂😂😂. Audrey Hepburn probably invested millions into her skincare routine, not like us with our Vaseline tubs haha!


      1. Work is busier than usual, and I’m trying to focus again on finishing the never-ending book. I also don’t have answers for all your questions, so I’m procrastinating. But I’ve done some today, so maybe will finish up before too long.

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  3. I’m finally done…though I’m not posting it on my blog as I can’t take forward the whole process of making up new questions and tagging others….so here goes:

    1. One skill you wish you could learn/master?
    – Mindfulness. And being way more descriptive in my writing….I think I lack eloquence in that regard.

    2. Favourite book?
    – Don’t have one, but one that stands out in recent years is Andre Agassi’s autobiography, “Open” – which I found incredibly-well written. Muhammad Asad’s “The Road to Mecca” was also amazing.

    3. The most unusual item you own…?
    – Used to be my molars which were extracted when I was young. I kept those for decades…but they’re gone now. And receipts from a 1996 shopping trip to London. I only recently got rid of those. (I was – and still am – a hoarder…though less so nowadays.)

    4. What is your ultimate aim in life?
    – To make it to Jannah, with Allah being pleased with me.

    5. Favourite TV show right now and why?
    – Don’t watch TV anymore, but if we’re talking movies, possibly “Hoodwinked” – which is an animated parody of Little Red Riding Hood.

    6. How accurate is your Zodiac sign in describing you?
    – Don’t believe in that stuff.

    7. In a parallel universe, at this moment, you would be doing what?
    – Finishing my book!

    8. Share a quote or inspirational saying that changed your life in some way.
    – I like a lot of quotes, but I don’t think I can say that any one in particular changed me life. One I really love, though, is the hadith:
    “The deeds most loved by Allah (are those) done regularly, even if they are small.”

    9. One city/country you have always dreamt of visiting…
    – New Zealand

    10. What made you start your own blog?
    – I felt the need to share the creative side of me – which people I know had no idea about.

    11. One thing that really, really winds you up…?
    – When other people visit your house (regular visitors) and move / change things around to what they think is best, instead of respecting leaving things as you yourself want them.

    I did another one of these a while back, so here it is, in case you’re interested:

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