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New Year Resolution Schmezolution

It’s 2020, it’s the first week back at school and I’ve had an epiphany. Turns out there really is something more difficult than maintaining new year resolutions, and that something is coercing a class of 14-year-olds to prepare and rehearse an assembly about (you guessed it) NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Yay.

Being the down-to-earth teacher I am, I scripted their sarcasm into the assembly:


I took on board their feedback, ‘NO ROLE PLAYS, MISS!’ and now, there’s nothing left to do but stand back and watch them deliver. When my soccer-mom anxiety rears its head, I must remember to keep telling myself ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’ even though it really is and they definitely are.


2019 was a great year in terms of personal growth, not so great when I look at how many books I managed to read outside the classroom.

2019 was the year I turned 30, celebrated 5 years of being a Mrs, marked 4 years of blogging and hit the 100 blog posts mark. I like to think I fulfilled my resolutions from last January, all of which contributed to such a fulfilling year, but god knows what they were and this is perhaps the right time to mention 2019 was also the year my memory became crappier. It’s all downhill from here guys.

Jokes aside, I am introspective by nature and tend to set goals throughout the year. I definitely know one of my 2019 goals was to practise gratitude. Even when I’m sick, flu-ridden, or downright exhausted, there is an inner sense of peace and I can’t help but think gratitude is one of the reasons for it.

As far as 2020 resolutions go, for the first time I am sharing them on the worldwide web…well, not all 15 of them because that’ll just bore you and frankly, it’ll embarrass me. But these three will do:

1. Daily Gratitude Log

I have a tendency to get all in my own head and overthink and wallow in my anxiety; thinking of things I’m thankful for has helped reset that downward spiral into the rabbit hole. I know some people like to keep a jar of notes and add something each day, but my environmentalist, amnesia-ridden alter ego just won’t have that.

In the winter break, I began using an app called Presently which is a daily gratitude journal and I LAV it! Doing this daily means when I have a really shi*tty day, it doesn’t hit as hard. There’s something about giving your thoughts permanence through writing…


2. Keep Up No-buy 2020 

Is it still a new year resolution if you started in October? This will sound familiar to my expat-teacher friends but every summer and every trip back to the UK only means one thing: bulk shopping.

And so it was this August when I returned to Doha to realise I have a problem. A big problem. It’s the ‘I have nothing to wear but here are two wardrobes full of new clothing from last year so what do I do with this suitcase full of crap, now?’ kind of problem. So in October, I decided the only things I will be spending money on is the internet, water, and food, and in that order – priorities right?


3. Take Writing Seriously

I’ll soon be celebrating a decade of teaching and I’ve never felt happier than right now. Accepting a new role as Head of Department back in 2018 meant I finally, finally, had the opportunity to teach A Level English – something I wanted to do as an NQT but had little opportunity of in the UK. And I’ve also been teaching Literature after 7 years of exclusive Language teaching. So you can see why I’ve been AWOL. Job satisfaction as a teacher is rare so you can’t blame me for making the most of it, however, it does mean writing and blogging took a backseat to accommodate my busy timetable.

2020 is, therefore, the year I aim to read more, write more, share more…


I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are on new year schmezolutions – did you make any? Have you broken them already? Any tips on making them stick?

Or are you like my at-a-tender-age-but-already-cynical-and-pessimistic form group? Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution Schmezolution”

  1. I’d like to know all 15 of year resolutions. I wouldn’t be bored by them, you could never bore me, Ms! I can just imagine your students calling you that and now I want to as well! In response to your schmezolutions (I hope it becomes the word of the year!), I need to document by gratitude more often too, because I have an awful memory too (although for me, it’s not age-related). One of my schmezolutions was… is to be more decisive. I won’t say I failed. I have all year. Health-related, actually do strength training, which I hate. But there’s the usual suspects too: worry less (haha! I have to at least say I’m going to try) and be able to fit comfortably into my pants (but this is like a weekly thing). As for tips on making them stick, I tend to see these as lifetime commitments rather than things I resolve to do in a new year. That way, when I have an inevitable setback, I don’t eat an entire cake and not leave the house until I’m done re-watching all seasons of The Office.

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    1. I thought I replied to this but obviously didn’t (old age!). I was doing so well last year with working out and strength training but every visit home during the summer ruins any progress I make. How come you hate strength training? I lavvvvv it. I hate running – sorry sorry I know this is your love. Hahaha I like that comment about seeing it as a lifetime resolution, that’s more beneficial in the grand scheme of things. 🙂

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      1. I hate it because I am weak and it’s hurts. I get so self-conscious about it. So it’s mostly self-sabotage. But I realize as I get older, I need to build muscles… I also need it to improve my running, because I’m flatlining now.

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