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CORONAVIRUS: an update from this side of the world

“My immune system is so rubbish, I bet I’ll be the first person to contract Corona. I bet ya I’ll be the reason our school closes.” Well. It’s all fun and games and ha ha ha until you suddenly feel feverish and your boss sends you home early, and on the way home you almost… Continue reading CORONAVIRUS: an update from this side of the world

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New Year Resolution Schmezolution

It's 2020, it's the first week back at school and I've had an epiphany. Turns out there really is something more difficult than maintaining new year resolutions, and that something is coercing a class of 14-year-olds to prepare and rehearse an assembly about (you guessed it) NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Yay. Being the down-to-earth teacher I… Continue reading New Year Resolution Schmezolution

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The 7 phases of *this* teacher’s summer vacay

Phase 1 After wishing away the whole year, summer is finally here and I'm feeling like I could probably continue working for another half term. Unlike the UK, Qatari schools usually break up in June and resume mid-August and we get some extra time off when the two Eids fall during term time. Anyhoo, I've… Continue reading The 7 phases of *this* teacher’s summer vacay

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Summerize: memories and rituals

Prompt: go to, the word of the day is your writing prompt. Summerize: (v) 1797 'to spend the summer'. From 1935 as 'to prepare for summer'. As the school year draws to a close, all I have been doing lately is organising and preparing for the summer, or to rephrase it according to the… Continue reading Summerize: memories and rituals