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Rewriting Ghosts- a creative writing model answer (CIE Paper 2)

This post is inspired by a prompt response I wrote back in 2017 as part of the October writing challenge. I didn't do it justice because it was day 31 and I was exhausted and just thankful the challenge was finally over! Had I written it properly, my response might have been something like this.… Continue reading Rewriting Ghosts- a creative writing model answer (CIE Paper 2)

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How to drive your husband crazy…(in love)

Are you clutching on to the last golden hours of your honeymoon period? Have you ever wondered if you'll ever make it to your ruby anniversary without seriously maiming your spouse? Celebrating 4.5 years of married life means I’m obviously an expert at making this marriage malarkey work so here's my advice.

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In Loving Memory Of A Grandfather

Memories of you are like waves leaving the shoreline. Cracked sand. Trinkets, shells, and ocean life left behind. And these days are like out-of-season rain, I think of you but the cracks only half-fill. My heart breaks again. The 12 years since you left no different to the 12 years before. How do you console… Continue reading In Loving Memory Of A Grandfather

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I See Kashmir Burning (Poem)

What price for those verdant valleys which my mothers traversed for fire logs What price for those babbling brooks that watered cattle and crops for centuries What price for the ever-fertile soil, the one they say delivers gold What price for the land my grandfathers walked away from with moist eyes, tight lips, even harder… Continue reading I See Kashmir Burning (Poem)