On Writing: How my writing journey began (Part 1)

Being Head of Department is a power trip: no-one can stop you from forcing encouraging students to partake in whole school/external English events. And the best part is the kiddos have zero choice. Recently, our students took part in an international writing competition. It prompted lots of eye-rolling followed by, "Miss, we don't have to… Continue reading On Writing: How my writing journey began (Part 1)

Gratitude corner

April Gratitude: The Motherland

My head lops off the side of the kat, upside down, I close one eye and then the other, gaze focused on the mango tree in the distance. What is that on the branches? I entwine my fingers into the tightly strung rope at the foot of the charpai and lift myself up. Noon's piercing… Continue reading April Gratitude: The Motherland