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April Gratitude: The Motherland

My head lops off the side of the kat, upside down, I close one eye and then the other, gaze focused on the mango tree in the distance. What is that on the branches? I entwine my fingers into the tightly strung rope at the foot of the charpai and lift myself up. Noon's piercing… Continue reading April Gratitude: The Motherland

31 Day Challenge October, Poetry

Day 20: An unsaid ‘wish’ answered

How romantic! The perfect love story... I thought, Reading those enthralling tales of lovers long forgotten Forgetting God is nearer than the jugular vein & the unsaid prayer on my tongue's tip Was granted by the Giver who hears all Let me clarify, there is nothing romantic in these prolonged years of separation This grief… Continue reading Day 20: An unsaid ‘wish’ answered

31 Day Challenge October, Poetry

Day 10: Amidst smoke and ‘Fire’

For countless hours I rage My embers of venom ignite terror in the hearts of men Stand and marvel at the sight I am, the destruction I cause. Feel my fiery passion on the surface of your skin, like the suffocation of the grave embrace me My brilliance astounds you. I know no hesitation nor… Continue reading Day 10: Amidst smoke and ‘Fire’

31 Day Challenge October, Poetry

Day 5: Lessons learnt from ‘Time’

  I've been waiting an age. I need you desperately. Each time a tribulation stands before me, I'm reminded of how incapable my girl shoulders are. My mind wanders to you - no matter how many times I admonish it - wishing you were here to show me the right way and hold me up.… Continue reading Day 5: Lessons learnt from ‘Time’

31 Day Challenge October, Poetry

Day 3: ‘Horses’, ghodiya da shonk

Image credit: Souq Jaidah, Qatar Join the October writing challenge *** The evening sun settling into my hair; brown eyes glittering reflections of Kashmiri mountains against the horizon. Nestled amid valleys of white gold, our small yet cosy home My own little vegetable patch Your vehicles of choice lined up outside Our children's giggles skipping… Continue reading Day 3: ‘Horses’, ghodiya da shonk