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The 7 phases of *this* teacher’s summer vacay

Phase 1 After wishing away the whole year, summer is finally here and I'm feeling like I could probably continue working for another half term. Unlike the UK, Qatari schools usually break up in June and resume mid-August and we get some extra time off when the two Eids fall during term time. Anyhoo, I've… Continue reading The 7 phases of *this* teacher’s summer vacay

Being Mrs. Kubra

Ma’a Salama (Goodbye)

​As teachers all around the world will know, sometimes it feels like the world might very well end but the academic year won't. The days drag on, piles of paperwork continue appearing out of thin air and the only thing propelling you onward is 'The Last Day'. We spend so much of our careers wishing… Continue reading Ma’a Salama (Goodbye)

The Expat Experience

I got nothing, or, Ramadan Kareeeeem

Okay...mmmhh, this is awkward. I had three blog posts drafted, waiting to be polished and then BAM! I got nothing. I can't post any of them anymore. Because of the current political climate, they're suddenly outdated and potentially risky to share. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing controversial in there. They're the same old info/advice/reflections… Continue reading I got nothing, or, Ramadan Kareeeeem

The Expat Experience

Memories of an Empire: Museum of Islamic Art

From a young age, I was always fascinated with history and I especially loved hearing stories about perished nations. That strange blend of awe and terror never leaves you; in fact, I think I will carry it to the grave. Those people leading lives not too different from ours, people who formed some of the greatest civilisations… Continue reading Memories of an Empire: Museum of Islamic Art

The Expat Experience

Jummah at Education City Mosque

One of the best things about living in a Muslim country is having Fridays off, and last Friday we went to pray jummah at the gorgeous Education City mosque. Education City is home to campuses of six American universities, one British university, the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Science, and various educational institutes accommodating students from preschool… Continue reading Jummah at Education City Mosque