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To all the children I hold close to my heart…

Ten months before I upped and moved to Qatar, I lost my first child in a miscarriage. After 4 years and 500 failed attempts at writing this without sounding cliché or cringe, here I am on my 31st birthday, ready to embrace the cringe. This has been a long time coming. * We're living through… Continue reading To all the children I hold close to my heart…

Me, Me, Me

CORONAVIRUS: How am I coping? Here’s a personal update.

I must say I'm not loving how all my recent blogs scream CORONAVIRUS (do you say it in Cardi B's voice, too?) but it has unintentionally turned into a 'series' so I'll stick with it. Get your coffee and get comfy because this post is a long one.I didn't experience the full psychological impact of… Continue reading CORONAVIRUS: How am I coping? Here’s a personal update.

Me, Me, Me

CORONAVIRUS: an update from this side of the world

“My immune system is so rubbish, I bet I’ll be the first person to contract Corona. I bet ya I’ll be the reason our school closes.” Well. It’s all fun and games and ha ha ha until you suddenly feel feverish and your boss sends you home early, and on the way home you almost… Continue reading CORONAVIRUS: an update from this side of the world


On Writing: How my writing journey began (Part 1)

Being Head of Department is a power trip: no-one can stop you from forcing encouraging students to partake in whole school/external English events. And the best part is the kiddos have zero choice. Recently, our students took part in an international writing competition. It prompted lots of eye-rolling followed by, "Miss, we don't have to… Continue reading On Writing: How my writing journey began (Part 1)


Poetry, Podcasts, & Pomodoro (in that order)

Just spent the last 20 minutes searching for apps that'll transcribe my speech into text because I'm serious about this writing malarkey this year yet also utterly exhausted after not one but two after-school events that finished at 8pm and if I have to sit at a desk for 10 more minutes staring at a… Continue reading Poetry, Podcasts, & Pomodoro (in that order)

Gratitude corner

April Gratitude: The Motherland

My head lops off the side of the kat, upside down, I close one eye and then the other, gaze focused on the mango tree in the distance. What is that on the branches? I entwine my fingers into the tightly strung rope at the foot of the charpai and lift myself up. Noon's piercing… Continue reading April Gratitude: The Motherland

Me, Me, Me

Summerize: memories and rituals

Prompt: go to, the word of the day is your writing prompt. Summerize: (v) 1797 'to spend the summer'. From 1935 as 'to prepare for summer'. As the school year draws to a close, all I have been doing lately is organising and preparing for the summer, or to rephrase it according to the… Continue reading Summerize: memories and rituals

Being Mrs. Kubra

A snapshot of a journey in teaching…

See, ever since I could talk and read and write, I wanted to be a teacher. Everything I did revolved around teaching, and from what little my parents recall about me, I was a bilingual, fluent chatterbox with an overflowing imagination. What better way to channel it all than to teach? My cousins still remember… Continue reading A snapshot of a journey in teaching…

31 Day Challenge October

Day 27: a ‘battle’ lost

I feel like today's prompt word is a sick joke I played on myself (cue the DJ Khaled memes). Either that or this October challenge was truly meant to be. I'm making fun of it now because after two years of living in quietude, I feel like I can talk about it as if it… Continue reading Day 27: a ‘battle’ lost

31 Day Challenge October

Day 21: A blind date

She took extra time grooming herself that day, causing annoyance to her siblings who grew exhausted banging on the bathroom door. Bathed in the scents of ittar, hands and feet stained with henna and kohl smudged in her eyes, she then proceeded to dress in her best garments: a ferozi shalwar kameez with a white… Continue reading Day 21: A blind date

31 Day Challenge October

Day 15: My kind of ‘Calm’

The clutter of my desk during a mid-week free lesson and the scribbles of To Do lists scrawled across my planner In the vocab list collated on the whiteboard and the unsteady handwriting of my scribe, struggling with the interactive pen In the half-drunk cups of tea and catching bits of banter in the staff… Continue reading Day 15: My kind of ‘Calm’

Diasporic Identity

The Oldham Riots: 15 years on

Let me just get this out there: it's a really bad idea to complete a dissertation about your hometown whilst preparing to leave. It's even worse if you already harbour a love/hate relationship with the place! I spent the summer reading about the 2001 Oldham riots which, until now, were fuzzy recollections of newspaper stills… Continue reading The Oldham Riots: 15 years on


On Writing: dissertation struggles

I've been working on my dissertation (by 'working' I mean thinking a lot and writing very little), and my brain is aching! I need to write something - anything - before my mind explodes. Ramadan coincided with the start of the summer holidays. It's super hard to switch your brain on during these long summer… Continue reading On Writing: dissertation struggles


On Writing: productivity and inactivity

The beginning of 2016 had me swinging between productivity and inactivity. Productive in completing errands that are (extremely) dull but necessary in order to live, and putting off tasks that are enjoyable (reading for pleasure, writing with purpose) but only possible in a dream world where all the aforementioned don't exist. In short, I have… Continue reading On Writing: productivity and inactivity