Gratitude corner

April Gratitude: The Motherland

My head lops off the side of the kat, upside down, I close one eye and then the other, gaze focused on the mango tree in the distance. What is that on the branches? I entwine my fingers into the tightly strung rope at the foot of the charpai and lift myself up. Noon's piercing… Continue reading April Gratitude: The Motherland

31 Day Challenge October

Day 11: In need of ‘rehab’

synonym: comeback, recovery, therapy. I know I'm a day behind but it doesn't bother me. Honestly speaking, despite the set back I feel great about my blog. I have, so far, been able to write regularly on a daily basis, even if the post goes up the next day. I've been productive, and working miles… Continue reading Day 11: In need of ‘rehab’